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Taking Back the Territory of Marriage


There are 39 free video podcasts that accompany the book, Marriage on the Mend—Healing Your Relationship After Crisis, Separate, or Divorce by Clint and Penny Bragg (Kregel, 2015). These podcasts were created by the authors to give you a visual model of the tools in the book. It is highly recommend that you view the podcasts in order, as you read each chapter. The placement and order of each video podcast is indicated in the book with a QR code. You can access all the free video podcasts by clicking here.


This site is a Men’s 40-Day-Devotional. There are 40 video podcast devotions and 40 devotions I picked out of six different devotion books I’ve read during the past six years. This podcast site is to help you find your first Love, (Christ), by being intentional about meeting with Him everyday. I also have included several systematic reading plans to help you read through the Bible.      Click here                    MAC––––PC––––SMART PHONE

Marriage on the Mend–Back Cover Video

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